innovative technology

Innovative Technology

Power Utilities are challenged daily by a myriad of issues that include reliability, emissions, congestions and changes in the regulatory compact. Consumers are demanding lower costs and alternative sources of energy. Today’s industry leaders are investing in smart grid technology, smart power meters, renewable energy generation and more efficient power transmission capabilities. Utility companies are also looking for ways to leverage technology to reduce cost and improve efficiencies in all facets of service. A much larger challenge looming ahead for the industry is to reduce carbon emission from electric production by 25%. This is the equivalent of removing 140 million cars off the highways.

The electric industry is faced with a daunting costly and time consuming challenge. The replacement of existing one way grids to a bi-directional smart grids with the capability of moving power where it is needed most is an essential activity for better energy management. In addition, major investments are required in data management infrastructure. These major initiatives will require innovation in technologies and significant capital investments.