clean energy

Clean Energy

The world is rapidly approaching a decline in the availability of fossil fuels. Communities must move in a direction of innovation for sustainability and energy efficiency. Today, we need a variety of creative solutions that can play a role in a clean energy. The source of energy must migrate from carbon based fuels to clean energy from the sun, wind, and geo-thermal. In order to capitalize on these technologies a robust smart grid must also be developed.

Smart grids will provide the capability for better energy management thereby reducing costs and waste. Energy storage methods must be developed to help improve the efficiency and storage of our renewable energy supply. In addition to the technological changes required, new incentives and policies must be enacted. The implementation of an emitted carbon tax is a must on a global level. Stronger energy efficiency standards, incentives for renewable energy, and expanding research for funding and development is essential. Through policies that will unleash the creativity and innovation of the private sector, we can create a sustainable energy system that will provide the world with clean energy. Existing energy technologies will not provide the efficiencies needed to meet the new challenges of our global economy.

Solar generation from existing technologies is too costly, and wind energy is competitive but intermittent. Clean energy and a smarter gird will help render a future of sustainable energy through increased efficiency. It will also empower the consumer with more data and greater efficiencies to help expedite a greener future.

The TechnoWise Group is aggressively working towards developing new technologies to help conserve energy.