energy efficiency

Energy Efficiency

Investing in energy efficiency is the first priority in the global transition to a post carbon world. Studies have shown that investments in energy efficiency would save energy, lower costs, and reduce the world’s energy demand of fossil fuels. Energy efficiency has a direct and immediate impact on our ecosystem. Investments in energy efficient buildings, cleaner power production and lower emission vehicles have a positive impact on our ecosystem.

Investing in energy efficiency would reduce energy consumptions and help create much needed jobs. A number of studies sponsored by the US government and various universities have shown that investments in clean energy infrastructure and technologies would boost the economic growth thus fueling the discussion in many countries of a “green economic stimulus.” The world must come together to form joint research and development activities for energy efficient technologies such as carbon capture and sequestration, sustainable energy and other innovations that could be the foundation for an economic model of the future. Today’s technology will allow for advances in creation of the Smart Home Concept.

The Smart Home Concept will provide high speed network connections, green power resources, smart meters, smart thermostats, in home control devices and the capability to plug-in hybrids vehicles. The benefits of smart technology include better electrical demand control, reduced generation reserve requirement, better control of demand to supply, and more accurate pricing on a real time basis. The customer becomes part of the equation to help drive energy efficiency and asset optimization. The TechnoWise Groups’ EcoWise product lines serve to increase energy efficiencies and reduce energy consumption.